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Life Coach. Intentional Parent. Empowerment Champion.

Yogi. Maker of Meals.

My last 16 years have been filled with little-girl hairdos and big-girl emotions. I gave birth to four babies and raised them for a decade while my husband was in medical school and residency - somehow we all survived and even thrived! During that time I made more than 19,000 meals, started an in-home business and worked outside the home in the fitness industry.  I've stepped away from a religion that was my everything, with my family intact, and that brave transition has moved us into a space that feels grounded and joyful! These experiences, and many more, have been the backdrop for my School of Life.  

I believe that the universe is offering us circumstances and relationships to help us stretch and grow into our higher selves and into a more fulfilling and awakened experience on this planet. 


If you are facing a major life transition, looking to simplify daily family life, feeling it's time to be more intentional as a parent, ready to step into a healthier relationship with yourself and others or ready to experience newfound peace, balance and joy in your life, I would be honored to help guide you towards your growth! 

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