Own Your Change (Part 1)

It’s a natural human instinct to want to change our external circumstances and the people around us, however, many times the solution lies in changing ourselves.

The following questions can be helpful reminders about our own ability to move through the complicated, unexpected and challenging bumps in the road that we all face:

“Do I need to change this situation OR how I respond to it?”

“On a scale from 1 to 10, how would I rate my attitude in this situation.”

“Is the best me coming through right now, or is there something I can do to be more aligned with my values?”

What are my expectations in this situation? Are those expectations serving me or frustrating me?”

“If the other person/people were never to change, would I do anything differently?”

“In this situation, what is within my control, what can I realistically change?”

Free yourself from the idea that the solution lies within someone else, because the most powerful solution often comes from within you!


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